Who are we ?

I am Anne de Bagneaux-Savatier, and along with my husband Damien, we embarked on the adventure of holiday homes in 2006. As a mother of four children, I have spared no effort since then to offer you quality stays, just 2 hours from Paris! Today, Séjour d'Albâtre offers 8 manors, villas, and apartments of various sizes and locations, tailored to all your stay needs.

Whether you are traveling with family, friends, for corporate seminars, or for a hiking stop along the beautiful Alabaster Coast, our properties will meet your expectations. Each accommodation has been carefully selected and renovated to offer comfort and authenticity.

I would be delighted to tell you the unique story of each residence below.

The Villa le Rayon Vert

The Villa le Rayon Vert takes its name from the eponymous work by Jules Verne.

Perched on the cliffs of Saint-Pierre-en-Port, this 180m² villa has the best view of the coast and can accommodate 15 people in a unique environment!

It is this culminating situation that earned it, during the Second World War, to be the scene of exchanges of fire between the English aviation and a German anti-aircraft battery installed on its roof.

A blockhouse was also installed in its garden, and royally furnished thanks to the "borrowing" of furniture from the surrounding villas.

When the occupying forces left in a hurry, the entrance to the blockhouse was camouflaged and, according to legend, never found again.

The Manor of Briquedalles

The Manoir de Briquedalles was the residence of the steward of the Château de Briquedalles until the 1970's, when it was separated from the Château during a succession. 

In 2010, when Anne and Damien had the opportunity to buy this property, inseparable from theirs, the state of the Manor left much to be desired.
Trampled by cows,the garden was then only a field of thistles with irregular ground...

Important work followed to restore it and make it more harmonious and comfortable! Among these works, the construction of a pediment decorated with a Bull's Eye, as well as the addition of skylights allowed to optimize the natural lighting of the first floor.

Sea Front Apartments

The "Front de Mer" (Sea Front) apartments are also part of the family history.

Historically, the "Grand Hôtel des Bains" des Petites Dalles was located where the Villa Mozart, which houses these three apartments, now stands. This luxurious establishment was destroyed during the Second World War because it was too recognizable from the air and the sea.

It is today the eldest daughter of Anne and Damien who owns the apartments Sea Front 1 and 2, while their son bought and renovated the apartment Sea Front 3.

The Mathilde and Violaine Villas

The Villa Mathilde and Villa Violaine, located at the Grandes Dalles, are part of a larger complex: the seaside heliotherapy centre at the Grandes Dalles. Those Villas housed the chaplaincy, some accommodations and the director before its closure in 1995.

Composed of more than 15 buildings, this center received patients from all over France for a cure of iodized air. The beautiful care pavilion that overlooked the cliff was destroyed during the Second World War, for the same reasons as the "Grand Hôtel des Bains" des Petites Dalles: too recognizable from the sea.
If Anne and Damien first renovated these two Villas, which were the most suitable, they don't intend to stop there and are planning to renovate the main building of the seaside heliotherapy centre, affectionately known as "la patate", directly overlooking the sea.
More complex - by its size and location - this project is still being conceptualized. We look forward to telling you more about it!

the Wing of the Castle of Briquedalles

Finally, the wing of the Château de Briquedalles has recently joined Séjour d'Albâtre. This wing is entirely independent from the residence and has been in Damien's family since 1798.
For these Châtelains, two maxims have governed its renovation and its integration into Séjour d'Albâtre:
   - The cage does not feed the bird: meaning that even the most beautiful house cannot take care of itself and its inhabitants alone.

   - There is no point in having such a beautiful house if it is to keep it to yourself.

Inhabited by these two thoughts, it seemed natural to them to open their doors and to offer their guests "the castle life" of the XXIst century.

You know everything now and understand how much this family business is based on the love of old stones, history, and the desire to share it and make it live, by welcoming you.